10 Gift Ideas for Yogis

Looking for the perfect gift for the yogi in your life? Yoga is much more than physical activity, it is a lifestyle. This gift suggestion list will help you find a gift for anyone who is starting yoga or practicing yoga for years. The list goes in order of pricing from the most to the least expensive option. I am only adding my fave brands, enjoy!

  1.  Yoga Mat – Not all mats are created the same. Avoid the big department stores and go for brands that work only with yoga products.  The two biggest brands are Jade and Manduka. Our mat of choice at our studio is the Jade Harmony and it comes in my sizes and colors. Expect to pay anything between $70-$120 for a really good mat.
  2. Yoga Mat Towel – These are special towels that keep your mat clean and prevent you from slipping. It is good for those who love a vinyasa flow or hot yoga classes.  Make sure it is a microfiber towel, like the Manduka eQua.
  3. Yoga Gift Card to their favorite yoga studio – At Energia we offer bonus cards during the Holiday season. When you purchase $100 gift card, $30 bonus card will be added to the gift recipient’s account.
  4. Private Yoga Class – A one-on-one class tailored to your yogi’s needs. From improving chaturanga to learning safe and customized back exercises, this gift is great for any level! $60 for a private 1 hour session. Customize your Gift Card
  5. Himalayan Salt Lamp – Add a touch of mystery while purifying the air at your home. These lamps create a relaxing ambiance for their in home practice. I received this lamp as a gift on my birthday and I love it! $20-$50
  6. Essential Oils – A must for any yogi or healthy conscious person. DoTerra Oils  is one of the purest brand. Each oil has a different purpose. The easier way to start and to 3 basic oils like the doTerra Introductory Kit with lemon, lavender and peppermint. Oils can be used diffused, topically or orally. Make sure to look at the instructions before using. At the studio we diffuse them during classes. $20-$100 (some oils are actually over $500!)
  7. Diffuser – There are many diffusers and you don’t need to buy the most expensive. Choose one that doesn’t use liners otherwise you will need to order the liners, too. InooGear is a good one on the lower pricing range. $20-$100
  8. Incense Holder – You can make your own at a pottery class or purchase handmade ones. I love the cat incense holder by Shoyeido. We have a few different styles at the studio for easy pick-up. $10-$15
  9. Journey to the Heart – An inspirational book with daily meditations one for each day of the year. Focused on helping readers begin to discover their true purpose. $10.
  10. Incense – Creating the right atmosphere is really important for a a yoga and meditation practice. Great for a yogi co-worker or as stocking stuffer. Just be careful with the brand you purchase. We only use the purest incense without any chemicals. My favorite is Shoyeido incense. We do carry this brand at the Energia, if you are local and looking for a last minute gift. $5

I added a link to each of these products for your easy shopping. If you have any questions, let me know.

by Virna Lichter

Energia Yoga and Fitness Studios Owner – Your Mind-Body Trainer

You can write to Virna at virnalichter@energiawellnessstudio.com