Yoga Classes

We offer beginners classes 7 days a week!

We also offer an extensive weight loss and fitness training program. Please check our fitness page for more details.

Starter Guide

Wear comfortable clothing:

Ladies – Longer tank top,  yoga or other athletic pants or form fitted shorts, such as biker shorts.

Gentleman – T-shirt and athletic shorts or pants. If wearing loose shorts, please wear biker shorts underneath.

Yoga and meditation are done barefoot. No shoes allowed in the yoga room.

We have water fountains at our fitness studio only. Please bring a water bottle when visiting the yoga studio.

Water bottle is available for purchase $1.

A sweat towel, optional but recommended for both studios.

No late arrivals allowed. We lock the front door at the yoga studio when class is about to start.

Please turn cell phones off or switch to airplane mode during classes. This is a time to disconnect from the world and connect with yourself.


Which yoga style is suitable to you? Our classes are divided into Levels I, II, III and All Levels.

Level I – Appropriate for those who are new to yoga or those looking for a more relaxing practice.

Level II – Appropriate for those with a regular practice. You should already be familiar with all the basic poses before trying this class and be able to perform a few cycles of Surya Nasmaskar (Sun Salutations).

Level III – Expert level class, appropriate for seasoned yogis but can be modified for your level.

All Levels – Some of our classes, such as restorative or meditation don’t required any specific level of expertise. Anyone is welcome to attend our all levels class.

Level I

Gentle Yoga – This class provides an introduction to basic yoga posture and technique. Gentle yoga emphasizes increased flexibility, coordination of breath with movement, and balance and attention to alignment. Ideal for those who are new to yoga, have physical limitations or simply desire a slower paced practice. Each class ends with deep relaxation to further reduce tension and relieve stress.

Basic Flow Yoga – Poses move smoothly from one to the next, creating a dance-like flow with heavy emphasis on breath work throughout the class.  Some arm balances and inversions. Class will be instructed on a beginner level.

Hatha Yoga – This class combines yoga with the ancient practice of using essential oils derived from aromatic plants.  This combination brings calm and balance to the mind and body. In this gentle flow class, we will slowly move from one pose to the next, focusing on the postures and the flow of the breath.

Yoga Stretch – This class is held at a slower pace and focuses on stretching all areas of the body, while releasing stress and tension from joints and muscles. We also learn proper yoga breathing which relieves stress and allows for deepening yoga asanas

Level II

Sun and Moon Yoga – Start class with 30 minutes strong flow. We will break down more challenging poses in a way that is easy to follow. Class will end with 30 minutes of relaxing gentle and restorative poses. Levels II & III

Candlelight Flow Yoga – We will move from one pose at a faster pace to the next focusing on the postures and the flow of the breath

Vinyasa Flow – The word “vinyasa” translates to movement with breath. In this class, we will slow down the flow and break down each posture in order to be mindful of alignment and correct form as we flow through the postures. Focusing on Pranayama (breathwork), body alignment, and stretching safely, will cultivate inner presence by connecting movement with breath. It will also build strength, balance, & flexibility. Levels II & III

Yoga Jam – An exhilarating vinyasa flow synchronized to a different music genre each week. Work up a sweat to a customized jam while winding up for the weekend. You will flow through poses and practice timing the breath in order to tone, strengthen and lengthen your muscles. This asana will allow you to burn fat while having fun. Get groovin’ and movin’ to tunes we all love. Let’s energize and clarify our body, mind and souls. Levels I & II

All Levels

Restorative Yoga – One of the most popular class offered at the studio, this class gives you a true opportunity to rest, recharge, and renew. Holding passive yoga poses for an extended period of time with the assistance of props to completely support the body. It feels as great in the body as if you were getting a massage!


Guided Meditation – Coping with stress is a challenge for most people. You cannot control stress overload from the environment, but you can control how you respond to it. This class offers natural therapy for stress, because it activates the prefrontal cortex of the brain, the part of the brain that controls worrying.  Studies have shown that when activity increased in the anterior cingulate cortex, the area of the brain that governs thinking and emotion, anxiety decreased by 39%.  Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace, and balance that benefits both your emotional well-being and your overall health. Participants will be verbally guided into a state of a deep state consciousness thought the use of breathing techniques, mantra or guided imagery. This class is also offered private for those who need more guidance or those would like to deepen their practice. Learn more

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