Our Nutrition Program

Whether you would like to lose or gain weight, or just would like to eat healthier balanced meals, we can provide customized nutrition planning to fit your needs. We can accommodate clients with special dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, holistic, vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free and low glycemic.

At Energia we don’t encourage “dieting” for quick weight loss. We promote healthy eating; weight loss is just one of the benefits  of healthy and balanced nutrition.

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The difference Between Diet and Actual Nutrition

By Lauren Rezende, MPH, RD
Lauren is a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in public health from the University of California, Los Angeles and a bachelor’s degree in foods and nutrition from San Diego State University.

Nutrition planning accounts for 85-90% of the results of any fitness program. Therefore, when you start any new meal plan, it’s critical you understand what is actually being provided. Should it be viewed as simply a temporary diet, focused on the premise of ‘restriction’ to help you reach a short-term goal, or is it a way to better understand actual, true nutrition that can help you make better choices for the rest of your life?
The answer, of course, is the latter.
The origin of the word ‘diet’ is as a noun that is purely a description of the food one eats. Out of 11 definitions of the word in a dictionary, the first six are as nouns, four are as verbs, and one as an adjective. The verb and adjective definitions are from more modern uses of the word, to ‘diet’ or ‘dieting’. As a noun, the original word is purely a description of the food that you eat, and among nutrition professionals it’s the most typical use of the word. However a more modern use of the word ‘diet’ includes ‘a selection or limitation in what someone eats.’
In our society, the word ‘diet’ in common public usage often means restriction. When thinking about actual nutrition, you need to know it doesn’t necessarily mean restricting what you eat. This is about creating a food plan to help support your physical goals, which may include health, strength, independence, physical and mental performance, or weight management. The Evolution Nutrition (EN) meal plan component of this challenge provides the cornerstone for helping you understand what actual nutrition is, versus just a diet.

Real, Effective Nutrition Focuses on Five Essentials Components

1. Balance
You’re getting the right amount of the right things, and limiting the things that can have a negative effect on your health.

2. Calorie Control
This isn’t about just reducing calories, it’s about making sure you have the right amount of calories throughout the day to keep your system working effectively.

3. Moderation
This ensures you don’t take in an excess amounts of things that can have a negative impact on your health.


This helps to ensure proper nutrition, but also helps eliminate the monotony of a diet. Variety is the spice of life!

5. Adequacy
This makes sure you’re getting all of the essential nutrients you need to maintain health and replace what is lost on a daily or weekly basis.

All of the meal plans you will see were built on the foundation of these five principles. More importantly they are the only things you should be focused on from Day 1, and throughout your journey towards better health, however you define it.

Customized Meal Planning at Energia

If you live in close to the studio, call us for an in person consultation. If anywhere else in the world, you can still enjoy customized meal planning.

 Choose the option that most fits your style:

Option 1

– Includes 7 days of complete menu planned for you, meal times, portion sizes and a shopping list guide.
pros: Best if you don’t want to worry about counting calories or points, everything is planned for you! Great for those who are still learning about healthy eating.
Cons: you will not be able to swap the foods you don’t like. You can however, always trade today’s lunch option for tomorrow’s. The meal swapping will be explained during your meal planning consultation.

Option 2Most Popular among Energia Clients

Includes 7 day of a complete menu customized for you, meal times and portion sizes. You will have an option to swap foods after you receive the menu.
Pros: Great for picky eaters! Swap the foods you don’t like with the click of a button. You can swap foods for 30 days! After 30 days you may keep the food swapping option by paying $9.99/mo

Cons: Nothing that we can think of! Just don’t forget to download a PDF version of your planning. You will not have access to it after 30 days.

Option 3

– Includes exchange list with points. You will receive lists of proteins, carbs and fats.
Pros: it gives your complete freedom and knowledge to create your own meal planning – for life!
Cons: It takes expertise to create a menu. It doesn’t include meal times or shopping lists. This list is only recommended for those who are very familiar with healthy eating.

How do I get started?

Step 1: Visit our online store to purchase the meal planning that best suits your needs. The cost is the same for any option you choose – $99!

Step 2: Send us an e-mail to virnalichter@energiawellnessstudio.com to schedule your consultation appointment either at the studio or via Skype.

Step 3: After your consultation you will receive and e-mail with all the information on how to log in to our nutrition website and download your meal planning. Meal planning will be available to you online for 4 weeks from the date of your consultation. Please make sure to download it to your computer or print it. You will be able to contact us anytime with questions about your program via e-mail.

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