Yoga for Kids

Ages 8-12

This class will enlighten kids and parents through a marvelous journey of self-discovery!

How our kids yoga program will benefit your child:

– It improves strength and flexibility – Great athletes are flexible! Did you know that by the age of 8, children are already losing their flexibility?  If your child is involved in sports, improving flexibility can be what he or she needs to take their game to the next level.

– It increases self confidence and builds a positive self-image – By the non-competitive nature of yoga, your child will learn that it is OK to be themselves.  There is no pressure to be more flexible than the next yogi.  Each child will work at their own pace, always listening to their body.

– It builds coordination and balance – This is not only important in sports but in life in general. Yoga helps kids and adults to be able to pick themselves up before a fall.

– It develops self-discipline and self-control and helps build concentration – The only way to hold a pose longer is to stay focused.  We use several techniques to accomplish just that.  One of them is counting 10 breaths for each pose without bringing tension into the muscles.

– It increases awareness of breathing and deepens the breath – Children will learn that breathing helps them relax and reduce stress.  We teach techniques that can be used during stressful times, such as school testing, performances and sports.  Classes end with a relaxation and meditation.


Next Season runs from 08/23/18 – 12/13/18

Monthly payments of $50 or pre-pay for the season to receive 10% off.

(your child may try this class at $10 rate)

Limited size classes.  Book online to reserve a space for your child.

Ages 8-12

60 Min Classes – Limit of 12 children

Thursdays 4:30-5:30pm

To register for classes online click HERE

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