Yoga Themed Birthday Party

Book your yoga-themed birthday party at Energia and spend your special day with loved ones nurturing yourselves!

All Parties can be customized for your special occasion: Bachelorette, Ladies night out, Corporate, Teens & Family.

  • Experience the soothing benefits of pranayama (breathing techniques)
  • Work up a sweat with a vinyasa flow.
  • Deepen your practice and relax into restorative poses.
  • Clear your mind with guided meditations.
  • Harmonize your brain waves with biofeedback therapy.
  • Sooth your soul in beautiful essentials oils.

Let us cultivate your personalized party!

All parties include space, mats, props, instructor, assorted tea, essential oils diffused & a picture of you and your guests on your favorite yoga pose!

Parting gifts & Healthy snacks available for an additional cost.

Pricing below are for parties with up to 15 guests. $10 per each additional guest.

Anniversary Asana

2 hours

Choose 2 activities


Birthday Bliss

3 hours

Choose 3 activities



Deluxe Birthday Retreat

4 hours

Choose 4 activities





Power Flow (45 min)

Gentle and Slow (45 min)

Rest and Restore (45 min)

Warm up Wind Down (45 min)



A Moment Alone (15 minute guided meditation)

Shush! (30 minute guided meditation)

Harmonize (5- 10 minute sessions with the biofeedback headband) – ideal for smaller parties


Energy Work:

Mantras & Bhandas (45 min)

Pranayama (Breath Control) (45 min)

Chakras (45 min)


ADD ON A HOMEMADE CAKE (with a healthy twist 😊)

Carrot Cake, Chocolate, or Red Velvet Cupcakes



$20 per person (15 min with a take home oil!)



Customize with the following items:

– Essential oil sample $2

– Incense $5

-Yoga headband (assorted colors) $5

-One Class pass to any yoga class $5 (gift card)

-One week of Yoga $7 (gift card)

-Epsom Salt (small customized jar) $3

– Gift Bag – FREE with purchase of at least 2 items


Party tray with cheese, seasonal fruits and crackers $40 (serves up to 10 people)

Complimentary hot tea

Water bottle $1 each

You are welcome to bring your own snacks!


Soothe that Soul before the big bash tonight!  Or whatever your birthday plans might be, enjoy the afternoon in a therapeutic setting with some of your closet friends and loved ones and get blissed.  Reserve your date today so we can begin planning your unique birthday adventure into the realm of Yoga.  Take a journey to your personal utopia delighting in harmony, balance, and peace.  Why?  Well, because you are worth it.




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